1976 Electra-Glide Restoration Bringing a Shovelhead back from the dead  

 Inside the primary case


Wow! That's rusty. I didn't expect it to be this bad inside the cover.

 Spring cleaning


Here is the spring retention plate and clutch springs. I think they're salvageable.

 Did I say rusty?

Here's the pressure plate. Not exactly something you want rubbing inside your engine.


The lower pictures shows where I cracked the case by pushing the clutch engaging rod through with the puller. It has tape over it so I could clean it. REMOVE THE ROD FIRST!


Carefully mark your lifters after removal since they're matched to your tappets. Never throw them in a tray (as shown). DOH!

 Nothing left on the frame

I drove the frame through the carwash in the back of my friends pickup to get the grease off. Now I'll sand blast the rust off.

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March 4, 2001

Opened the primary the other day and I pulled the clutch out today. I broke the adjustment screw trying to use it to take the tension off the pressure plate springs. I couldn't lock the engine so I used an air gun on the adjustment screw, bad move. I then had to loosen the three nuts holding the pressure plate on while they were under pressure. I stood back and wore goggles. After I found all the nuts and springs and collected them up I did some heavy duty wire brushing. This thing is a mess inside. The clutch is, well, rusty. Here what it looked like when I opened the primary drive cover. YUCK!

I tried to get the engine sprocket bolt off with an air gun (the manual said to use one), but it won't come off. I think it would have been easier if I had the rear tire on. I could through it in 5th and block the tire, then use a 4' breaker bar. Maybe I'll find a way to block the engine without the transmission, send suggestions to brianabailey@yahoo.com. Until then I can't take the inner primary off and start removing the engine. Maybe I can use a strap wrench to hold the engine (refer to the first picture to see what I'm talking about) We'll see.

March 11th, 2001

Persistance, that's all it takes. I got the engine sprocket off with an air gun, WD40 and persistance. The clutch hub on the other hand, was a bear to get off. The stupid Climer manual never said it was reverse thread. I bent the god damn thing trying to get it off. I didn't realize untill I looked at the REASSEMBLY INSTRUCTIONS that it was REVERSE THREAD. What the hell is it doing in the reassembly instructions!?!? If you got it off you already know it's reverse thread. (Wrote it in the manual) The clutch basket could probably have been replaced anyway, but, I broke some other stuff that really didn't need to be replaced untill now. Any way here are some pictures. This is the engine sproket, compensating sprocket, primary chain, engine sprocket bolt, clutch engaging shaft, and a that star shaped piece is out of the transmission.

March 22nd 2001

Spent some time rebuilding the site. I think it's looking pretty good. Also did quite a bit on the bike. The engine is out, the we started cleaning the frame. The heads are off. The tappet blocks are out (as well as the lifters and tappets). The good news is the cylinder walls and inside the cam case are clean and oily. Not rusty like everything else. I'm going to take the cylinders off and send them out as well as putting on new rings. When those are off I'll be able to see into the inner cases and check the flywheels and what not. I'm not splitting the cases unless I have to. The rear cylinder had more carbon deposits than the front but neither was too bad. One cam lobe seems to have some marks on it as well as the roller that mates to it. NOTE: Mark your hydrolic lifters after removal, they're matched to the tappets, Doh. Guess I'll be matching those to the tappets? I stuffed some clean rags into the tappet block holes to continue cleaning the engine.

March 10, 2002

That's right, not a typo it been almost 1 year to the day since I entered anything in this page!! And I'm very sad to report that there isn't a whole lot to add :-( Although I have the frame painted and I got a new case for the transmission. The transmission is now in the frame. I have a new clutch, new chrome headlight housing, chrome lower legs, and some other odds and ends I needed. Below are some pics of the tranny in the frame. That's newspaper wrapped around it to keep it from getting dinged-up in the assembly process.

March 17, 2002

Attacked my heads today. I came up with an idea to keep glass beads out of the valves when I have the head bead blasted. I wraped the rocker boxes in duct tape and put them on. Now I'm going to get some screw tight rubber plugs (like they use for pressure testing plumbing) and put them in the intake and exhaust. Then I'm going to bolt the heads to a peice of wood to keep the combustion chambers safe. I spent about an hour cleaning one of the combustion chambers tonight. I think it's coming along. Here's some pics:

I actually found a picture of the head I cleaned tonight in my pictures archives: