2002 FLHRI Road King 1550cc Twin Cam. This is the latest addition to my collection. Retrofitted with a 95ci kit this baby cruises right along. I moved all my little extras over, the trailer hitch, quick-release rack and sissy bar.
  2002 FLHT Standard 1450cc Twin Cam. CLICK THE PIC FOR MORE. These arn't the best pictures but I figured I should at least get some up here. I bought it used. It had 4130 miles on it. Those are aftermarket pipes (I'm not sure what kind). What a fantastic ride. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this bike!! Everyone should own a Twin Cam! This is my first 5 speed, and what a difference that 5th gear makes!! SEE YOU ON THE ROAD!
THis is my project bike. It's a 2000 Cagiva Gran Canyon. A rare dual sport bike with a 900cc Ducati engine. I'm creating a one-of-a-kind chopper. Here you can see How far I've made it to date.
  This is my 1986 883cc/1200cc conversion. What a great bike. Unfortunately I don't know much about what's inside since I bought it post conversion. But I do know that it's fast. I also know that now has a 21" spoke wheel on the front, and S&S Super E, and it hangs awesome wheelies. I'm keeping this bike even after I rebuild my Shovelhead. I'm in the process of putting a high output starter on it. The old starter finally died after a hard life of turning this engine over. I think it's a fairly high compression engine as the starter would usually bind when I start it.
This was my 1976 1000cc Sportster. This was a great bike. Very reliable, believe it or not. I never had any major trouble with it and it always got me where I wanted to go. You just can't beat the sound of an Ironhead Sportster with straight pipes. Like my buddy Chris always says, "They may not be the loudest Harleys but there sure as hell the noisiest!".

This was my 1971 900cc Sportster. I loved this bike. My first Harley. I rebuilt it in the back of a Chevy van. I had a hell of a time getting those twin bob tanks on that thing. They actually ended up breaking off while I was riding at Laconia.

I can't believe I fit in a van with all the parts. I can't even fit in my garage with all my shovelhead parts!



The Line-up

Here are the misc. small bikes that have found they're way into my shop. Lately we've been having races around the neighborhood. The State Trooper next door really enjoys it.


Year:  1974
 Displacement: 65cc
 Gears: 3
 Top Speed: 40mph (est)

The Leggero: It's currently missing a transmision gear. (the engine is out in this picture. It ran well, it just wouldn't drive.


Year:  198?
 Displacement: 50cc
 Gears: 5
 Top Speed: 45mph

Yamaha YSR 50cc This is Andre's toy. It runs as good as it looks. We're getting some new parts for it soon and it should run better. If you click to enlarge the picture you'll see the duct tape in the rear wheel.


Year:  ???
 Displacement: 49cc
 Gears: 2
 Top Speed: 30mph

The Puch: This little beauty is the fastest bike in the line-up. I can beat the YSR on this baby. This puch is a two speed 1.5hp. We call it The Puck. Good ol' Austrian engineering.


Year:  ???
 Displacement: 49cc
 Gears: 1
 Top Speed: 23mph

This is bizzaro puck or the anti-puck. It looks like the Puck but it sounds like a blender full of nuts and bolts.


Year:  ???
 Displacement: 49cc
 Gears: 1
 Top Speed: 0mph

 This is the latest edition to the line-up. It says Sachs on it. We call it the Sucks. Right now the motor is seized. Since the cylinder and head are one peice it's proving difficult to free the piston. It had a milk crate on the back (like all mopeds should) but Jerry smashed it off with a sledge hammer (trying to free the piston).


Year:  2000
 Displacement: n/a
 Gears: 1
 Top Speed: 5mph

This is my son's electric harley. I put it in here since it's the most valuable and one of the fastest bikes in the line-up.


Year:  1986
 Displacement: 600cc
 Gears: 5
 Top Speed: 140mph (est)

Ninja 600cc This bike is for sale. It runs...kind of.