So I walk into the local package store (that's what people from MA call a liquor store) and I ask the guy for a keg of Bud. Why Bud? Because they always have it, no matter what, and you can't argue with that. So he rolls the keg out to the counter and starts filling out the return slip. "One Keg plus deposit" he says as he writes it on the slip. Then he looks up at me and asks "You need a tap?" I say "Nope" he says "Kegorator, God bless ya." and finishes filling out the slip. No lie.

So how can you get in on the Kegorator? It's so easy it should be criminal. Here it is spelled out for you:

1. Get a refrigerator that works and is big enough for a half barrel. Rip everything out of it and put some cinderblocks or something in the bottom for a shelf. The keg weighs 1984oz that's 124lbs.

2. Go to , don't go searching for other keg product sites! Go strait there and order the refrigerator conversion kit (go with the standard kit). My order came in three days.

3.Now that you've ordered the kit, run, don't walk, to your nearest gas supplier. Look in the yellow pages under welding gas or medical gas or whatever. Find the closest place, it cost the same everywhere. Buy a 20lb tank of food grade CO2 (unless you went and got fancy on me and ordered the stout tap to pour your guiness in which case you'll want nitrogen). So you got your CO2 (it costs like $35 the first time cause your buying the tank next time it'll be $18) That one tank should last about 20 kegs! Mine's been going strong fo the last 8 or 9 (since I got the kegorator).

4. Follow the simple instructions that come with the kit. Only one tip: a spade bit will work for drilling holes in a refrigerator.

So here's mine: (Michelob tap sold separately)