Multi-Arcade Machine Emulator Cabinet Page

MAME is a program that emulates arcade machine hardware. This allow you to takes ROM (Read Only Memory) images and play the real arcade game that the ROM image came from. There are so many web pages about MAME cabinets it's unreal. Just go to Yahoo and search on MAME Cabinets. I'm not going to try to create a page to rival the many that are out there. I'll simply post the pictures of my cabinet as it progresses. If you want to build your own cabinet or just try a MAME emulator try these sites:

Here's the beginings of my arcade cabinet:

Right now it's a collection of parts waiting for a cabinet. Still fun to play though...

I scored an old arcade machine!!! The monitor fit perfectly in the stock monitor backet, what a break! I stuffed all the junk in and wired up the control panel it came with so we could start playing. Right now we're using the two 4-way joysticks that it came with and two buttons per player. I'm thinking of ways to add more buttons. I'd like to keep using the control panel. It's has a great hinged design for access.

Front and back


Monitor Mounting